Randy Tarampi 221459

(Original posting 6/1/2017) Progress, yes!  First draft of the crucifixion setting (Wounded, Bleeding, Still Proceeding) is complete. Some of it I really like and some I’m not so sure about. Here’s a brief sample of the orchestral opening https://soundcloud.com/wheatmyermusic/wounded-bleeding-still-proceeding-orchestra-opening-clip. Listen for “borrowed” harmonies from Rachmaninoff. Time to set this on the back burner to let those uncertainties simmer while work begins on the one remaining movement, the resurrection! I plan to call this movement, “Why?” It will be based on the angel’s question in Luke 24:5, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” I plan to utilize a strong contrast between a dissonantly vague key center section set against a strong major key declaration of “He is risen!” to portray the astonishing news that Jesus Christ is no longer dead!

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