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Yes, our motto has arrived! You might ask, “What took you so long?” But a better questions would be, “What’s the motto?”. Well, WheatMyer Music’s motto is, “Revealing beauty in music.” Your first reaction is probably to think, “WheatMyer Music makes pretty music,” but that would be only a sliver of the motto’s meaning. A little explanation is in order to convey the motto’s essence. The motto signifies that WheatMyer Music means to not only originate and present music that is aesthetically pleasing, but that also points towards, elaborates on, and praises beauty while developing the listeners’ apprehension and appreciation of the same.

The revealing part of the motto implies that there is something that is covered, or hidden, or at least not readily discernible, which needs to be revealed. We hope to write music that digs deep and exposes unexplored significance, whether it is through a fresh examination of a familiar text, painting a new text with a compelling aural experience, or probing the inner depths of the listeners’ affections via a sonic kaleidoscope.

The word beauty in the motto means so much more than aesthetic appeal. To understand beauty it is necessary to consider the source, standard, and perfection of beauty which is found in none other than the attributes of the unseen LORD God. In him we see that beauty means goodness, rightness, purposefulness, truthfulness, glory, splendor and more. When we say that we want our music to reveal beauty, we want it to commend and honor what is good, right, purposeful, and true and thereby point to and emulate our creator’s glory and splendor, whether that is by setting a sacred text for the sanctuary or writing an instrumental work for the concert stage.

In summation, our hope is that the music you experience through WheatMyer Music will not only be beautiful, but will also show you what beauty is, point you toward the reality that lies beyond pleasurable sound, and incline your heart to a quicker and deeper appreciation of the beautiful.

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