• for: Organ, timpani, auxiliary percussion
  • duration: approx. 14:20
  • difficulty: moderately advanced
  • music: Original with quotations of NICAEA

MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM is an instrumental doxology (Trinitarian hymn of praise) with unique leitmotifs of adoration and praise for each member of the Trinity. God the Father is portrayed in unisons and octaves symbolizing His perfections; God the Son is portrayed in descending perfect fourths and fifths along with tritones displaying His complete divinity along with being a man of sorrows; God the Holy Spirit is set in free-flowing lines combining elements of both prior motives as if emanating from the Father and the Son.

MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM features Organ and Timpani , requiring competent musicians on both instruments, but includes characteristic and unusual colors and accents from across the percussion family. It is a moderately large work allowing development of each theme in a broad spectrum of expressions from each instrument. The work climaxes on a reharmonized quotation from the tune NICEA, better known as “Holy, Holy, Holy”, expressing worship of the Godhead as “blessed trinity.” MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM is suitable for the concert stage or for instrumental worship.

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