Fingal’s Fantasy
  • for: Solo Piano
  • duration: approx. 5:45
  • difficulty: intermediate
  • music: Original

Fingal’s Fantasy is an original work for solo piano using three, synthesized, seven-pitch scales derived from the first three variations of the opening theme in Felix Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture, better known as Fingal’s Cave. Fingal’s Fantasy is a three part work in which each section uses one of the three scales with each section appearing in a contrasting style. Mendelssohn’s original motive can be clearly heard in the treatment of the first scale and appears more heavily disguised in other sections. Despite the use of synthetic scales, the piece ends with a strong declaration of B-minor in homage to Mendelssohn’s selected key for Fingal’s Cave. Fingal’s Fantasy is only moderately difficult but will engage even advanced performers with an excursion into 21st century composition. It is suitable for concert or recital repertoire.

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