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(Original posting 7/1/2015) I don’t get geeked out about too many things, just a few, like college football, science fiction, Yellowstone, etc. But when you start talking about theology, doctrine, and music, all at the same time you’ll have my full attention.  So, when I discovered one of The Gospel Coalition’s latest projects, Songs for Saplings, my ears perked up. One of my pet peeves is the weak doctrinal foundation of many Christians. Combined with this is the steady decline in musical skill in the general population and the church in particular. Songs for Saplings addresses both of these problems at the same time with a musical approach to teaching our children the underpinnings of our faith. You may shudder to think about teaching your kids about the nature of God, the Trinity, sin, atonement, end times, and the like. But with short, simple, fun songs for kids, Songs for Saplings tackles all these topics and many more. So, if you have kids, or have any responsibility for a child’s Christian education, please look into this and think about how you might put it to use.

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