WheatMyer Music is the brand and publishing entity for the compositions of Robert Myers and affiliated artists. My aim is to portray and reveal the beauty of absolute truth by exploring the common grace granted to mankind through the gift of music. Sometimes this will occur through sacred music meant as expository commentary on the revealed Word of God. Other times, it will be presented as absolute music that seeks to inform the affections of the heart through the multifaceted vehicle of vocal and instrumental music. Some of the music is aimed at the concert stage and other at the worship sanctuary, while some is suitable for both.

WheatMyer Music offers music of high artistic value, rendering a resource to churches who wish to maintain and elevate the aesthetics used in presenting truth to their congregants. For many centuries in the West, the Church occupied the pinnacle of musical excellence and was the fountainhead of musical innovation. Through WheatMyer Music, I would like to do my small part to challenge the Church to reclaim its position as not just the holder of theological truth but also as the rightful herald and interpreter of aesthetic beauty and truth, particularly as it applies to music.