Multi-Generational Worship

John Bolin, minister of worship and arts at First Baptist Houston, talks about what he calls “multi-generational worship.” This is pretty much the same concept that Paul Clark describes in “Deference over Preference.” John elaborates on the philosophy and scriptural support for this concept. And, as gravy on the biscuit, he describes how they have put this philosophy into practice at First Baptist Houston, showing how it can work in a big way.

The Gospel is a Message, not a Style

I’m glad to claim James Cheesman as my friend as well as fellow traveler through graduate school. Also, I’m glad to congratulate him on his recent completion of his masters degree and hiring as music minister at FBC Farmersville, TX. In the post below, James’ scholarship shows in his eloquent argument that our worship focus should not be on the style of music used but in the subject matter, namely, the gospel. I do believe he is correct! (Original posting 5/28/2015)