Wounded, Bleeding, Still Proceeding – An Easter Cantata

(Original posting 3/13/2017) “See, we are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written about the Son of Man by the prophets will be accomplished” (ESV). So Luke quotes Jesus speaking to the twelve in the eighteenth chapter of his gospel. This was the third time that Luke records Jesus predicting the events to […]

Experiments in Self-Publishing I

(Original posting 3/9/2017) I’ve been wading into the self-publishing waters of late, avoiding the traditional submission-to-established-publishers route for the time being (more on that decision at another time), and have just had my first piece accepted at Sheet Music Plus. It’s an arrangement of the hymn tune HYFRYDOL for brass quintet. You probably know it […]

Wheatmyer Music now has a motto!

Yes, our motto has arrived! You might ask, “What took you so long?” But a better questions would be, “What’s the motto?”. Well, WheatMyer Music’s motto is, “Revealing beauty in music.” Your first reaction is probably to think, “WheatMyer Music makes pretty music,” but that would be only a sliver of the motto’s meaning. A […]

Wheatmyer Music now available at Swirly Music!

(Original posting 1/1/2017) Big news! My first commercially available sheet music is now for sale on Swirly Music! Go here: https://www.swirlymusic.org/composer/robert-myers/  to see for yourself. Swirly Music is a new, non-profit distributor of new 21st century sheet music written by self-publishing composers. They have some wonderful new music made available to the public where the […]

What’s in a name? The Wheatmyer Music backstory.

(Original posting 1/1/2017) What’s the significance of the name WheatMyer? Glad you asked! Here’s the story: Wilmer Wallace “Jim” Myers was born September 2, 1914 to Catherine Isabel McMenis Myers and George Newton Myers. He was one of eight siblings. One of these, Velmer, died at age 18 in 1930. Loyce Lorraine Wheatley, oldest of […]

Kids are smart enought to learn Christian doctrine

(Original posting 7/1/2015) I don’t get geeked out about too many things, just a few, like college football, science fiction, Yellowstone, etc. But when you start talking about theology, doctrine, and music, all at the same time you’ll have my full attention.  So, when I discovered one of The Gospel Coalition’s latest projects, Songs for Saplings, […]

A Baptist’s Thoughts on Baptist Ordinances

(Original posting 12/19/2015) Mere symbols. That’s how a Baptist might typically describe baptism and the Lord’s Supper. However, reading the New Testament one would get the impression that these are something more than that. For their first two hundred years, Baptists thought of these ordinances as more than symbolic. Perhaps they were onto something? Here’s a […]

The Holy Spirit’s Role in Corporate Worship

(Original posting 6/22/2015) Unless you’re of the charismatic persuasion, you probably get a little queasy at the thought of “Spiritual” worship. It conjures up all kinds of images of out of control assemblies that just aren’t what you might think worship should be like. But we shouldn’t shy away from this topic, because it’s totally […]

A Philosophy of Church Music

One of the hurdles, er . . . blessings, of completing a degree in Church Music is the preparation of a detailed personal philosophy of the scriptural basis of the purposes, functions, and methods of using music in corporate worship. I successfully completed this work last Spring (hooray!). However, even though my professor granted a […]

Multi-Generational Worship

John Bolin, minister of worship and arts at First Baptist Houston, talks about what he calls “multi-generational worship.” This is pretty much the same concept that Paul Clark describes in “Deference over Preference.” John elaborates on the philosophy and scriptural support for this concept. And, as gravy on the biscuit, he describes how they have put this […]

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